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Babysitter in London, Ontario (1523 Perth Ave.)

Name:  Katelyn
Location:  London, Ontario, Canada
Street Address / Major Intersection:  1523 Perth Ave.
Gender:  Female
Age:  14
Contact Phone:  519 451 8032
Days And Times Available: 
Mon-Fri 4:00pm-10:00pm Sat-Sun 7:00am-11:00pm
Expected Rate:  Competitive
Years Experience:  3
Highest Level of Education:  Unspecified
Other Languages:  a little french
Employment Status:  Unemployed
Experience with: 
Newborn (0-6mos) Infant (7-11mos)
1-year-old 2-year-old
3-6 year-old 7+ year-old
Other Information: 
First Aid Certificate CPR Certificate
Message from Babysitter: 
I have babysat my niece(6) since she was just a baby. I have a 1 year old nephew that I babysit a fare amount. Experience with younger children; friends little brothers/sisters. Helped babysit them, parents friends children, age range from 4-7.
- none -
Profile Updated:  2010-01-20
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