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Babysitter in London, Ontario (352 Avondale Road)

Name:  Jessica Manness
Location:  London, Ontario, Canada
Street Address / Major Intersection:  352 Avondale Road
Gender:  Female
Age:  16
Contact Phone:  519-936-8108
Days And Times Available: 
anytime :) then when school starts i cant babysit from 8am till 2:30pm
Expected Rate:  Competitive
Years Experience:  5
Highest Level of Education:  High School
Other Languages: 
Employment Status:  High School Student
Experience with: 
Newborn (0-6mos) Infant (7-11mos)
1-year-old 2-year-old
3-6 year-old 7+ year-old
Other Information: 
First Aid Certificate CPR Certificate
Message from Babysitter: 
Hello My Name is Jessica and im turning 17 aug 26th i love kids i have 6 brothers and 1 brand new sister i would do anything for them i love to dance and i write my own music and love to sing I really need the money so me and my bf can get our own place in the future and i will love to look after your kids please let me know ASAP :) thank u P.S My Bf will also help if im not avalible he loves kids more than anything :)
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Profile Updated:  2010-08-04
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